Family Rituals

September 2013 - September 2015

electronics, software, bespoke design, ethnography, openlab

Seeking to understand the challenges of working away from home. (more)

Barbican Forest

Summer 2015

visualisation, photography, nicap

Can we piece the trees back together? (more)


May 2014

electronics, improvisation, cardboard

Improvisations with cardboard and GPS. (more)

Colloquial Cambridge

March 2014

maps, visualisation, software

Colloquial Cambridge is a set of maps of where places are said to be, not where they are prescribed to be. (more)

263 Stories

June 2012

visualisation, software, runninglives, rca

263 Stories

The stories of 263 runners in Kensington Gardens before the London Marathon. (more)

Ear Hacking

June 2012

film, runninglives, rca

Ear Hacking

A speculation on whether you could hack a runner. (more)

Runner Spotters

June 2012

film, electronics, software, improvisation, runninglives, rca

Runner Spotters

An improvisational process exploring the morality of those who spot runners. (more)

Know Your Place 2.0

January 2012

software, augmented reality, rca


An Augmented Reality application examining how Web 2.0 thinking is changing people’s relationships with government and decision-making. (more)

Augmented Skies

October 2011

software, augmented reality, rca

Augmented Skies

An exploration of the language of planning using Augmented Reality. (more)

360 Degrees of the Year

July 2011

photography, software, visualisation, curiosity collective

360 degrees of the year

A series of photographic prints summarising a year of daylight at different locations. (more)

World of No Craft

June 2011

electronics, software, freelance

World of No Craft

An interactive installation for The Glass Factory, Emmaboda, Sweden. (more)

Little Help

April 2011

film, electronics, improvisation, robotics, rca

A short film investigating the power relationship between a robot and the householder. (more)

Euclid's Camera

November 2010

photography, electronics, software, visualisation, rca

Euclid's Camera

An experimental platform to place photographs in 3D space. (more)

Peak Boil

October 2010

electronics, rca

Peak Boil

An intervention to prevent a kettle being boiled at times when the National Grid is already under strain. (more)

A Walk from Ipswich to Newcastle

March 2010

software, photography, navigation, curiosity collective

Getting from A to B with the Curiosity Collective

An adventure where Google Maps directions are taken too literally - a five day walk to from Ipswich to Newcastle via Holland. (more)


January 2010

photography, projection, curiosity collective

The reprojection of an old photograph back, from the point at which it was taken, creating the ghostly appearance of a time gone before. (more)

Reflections in Cider

November 2009

software, electronics, computer vision, curiosity collective

Visible Imagination

An interactive shop window installation. (more)

The Arduino Eye Shield

October 2009

software, electronics, computer vision

The Arduino Eye Shield

A circuit board that allows the Arduino to use analogue video from a camera. (more)

Visible Imagination

June 2009

software, electronics, computer vision, physical computing, bt

An exploration of projected interfaces allowing interaction using torchlight, hands and objects. (more)

Connected Character

April 2009

software, electronics, robotics, physical computing, bt

A broadband connected toy, capable of facilitating games, reading stories and hosting remote communications. (more)

A Watched Pot Never Boils

November 2008

software, electronics, computer vision, physical computing, curiosity collective

A playful realisation of the old proverb - a kettle that is aware of being watched and only boils when ignored. (more)


October 2007

software, visualisation, curiosity collective


A visualisation showing how the "shape" of the UK changes over the day with the coming and going of trains. (more)

BT Balance

May 2007

software, physical computing, bt

BT Balance

A tablet PC based device using movement and gesture to simplify access to broadband content for older people. (more)

Presence and Portrayal

June 2005

software, computer vision, faces, perception, mit media lab, bt

Presence and Portrayal

A study of the effects of personal presentation in home video-conferencing. (more)

Scalable Portraits

April 2005

software, faces, perception, bt

Scalable Portraits

A representation of the face adapted to be optimally recognisable for the device, application and crowd in which they are shown. (more)